The Clowns and the Circus

Tribute to Charlie Rivel

This year the Circus of Espíritu de Montjuïc wants to pay a very special tribute to what was considered the best clown in the world, Charlie Rivel.

Do not miss it, it is going to be special!

And besides, a tribute to the Clowns of the Spanish television which are loved by children and adults alike. 

Who doesn’t fondly remember Gaby, Fofó, Miliki and Fofito, their famous phrase “How’re you all doing?”.

Adults and kids can reminisce and sing their songs at the Circus of Espíritu de Montjuïc during the tribute programmed that weekend in the paddock of the circuit.  A unique occasion presented by Tortuga Veloz  to re-live such beloved moments with your children.

In addition, in the big circus tent of Espíritu de Montjuïc, there will be all kinds of activities like painting and circus workshops for the little ones on Saturday and Sunday.