The soundtrack of our lives: ballroom dancing, live music and the radio of your memories

One more year, throughout the weekend, we will be able to enjoy those songs that are already part of the soundtrack of our lives, and that just by hearing them transport us to other times and moments.

And we will listen to these songs live with the “groups” that will be at 6 Horas de Barcelona by Espíritu de Montjuïc to interpret them, as well as on “Radio Espíritu de Montjuïc, La Sintonía De Tus Recuerdos”, a station that is in charge of transporting us to the past through what sounded on the airwaves in those wonderful years.

We will have our own dance floor, where we will show you what the dances were like before the parties and the ye-yes boys and girls monopolized everything…

Go ahead and come with your partner. Throughout Saturday and Sunday you can also enjoy those dances that are as popular today as they were before, and if you feel like it, jump on the dance floor to start or perfect them alongside authentic masters!