• Admission with classic vehicle – Saturday 6th April (Car + 1 Person)
  • Admission with classic vehicle – Sunday 7th April (Car + 1 Person)

This type of entry allows access to the event and parking for your classic vehicle in the special area reserved within the Circuit.

In addition, if you would like to stay until the end of the afternoon when the races have finished (Saturday and Sunday), it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the parade of classics around the track of the Circuit in the caravan of the Espíritu of Montjuïc. The tentative time for this parade is 8:30 pm, confirmation pending.

As the capacity of the parking lot inside the Circuit is limited, the entry for the classics will be limited to 400 vehicles per day. If you would like to come with friends or family members, there is no problem. They can enter with you as passengers in the classic vehicle as long as they have purchased the general admission tickets available at the official ticket sale points or on our website. One person, one entry! … Except for children 8 years old and under who have free admission.

Admission tickets with Classic vehicles subject to availability. The capacity of the parking lot inside the circuit is limited to 400 vehicles per day (may sell out quickly). The vehicles must have been manufactured before 1989.

The only requirement for entry with these tickets to the Circuit and be able to participate in special activities for classics is that the vehicle be manufactured before 1989. Otherwise security guards will not allow the entry of the vehicle and you will have to park it outside the Circuit.

Ticket prices at the box office on the days of the event:

Admission Ticket with Classic vehicle:

  • Admission with Classic vehicle Saturday 6th April(Car + 1 Person): €30
  • Admission  with Classic vehicle Sunday  7th April(Car + 1 Person): €30
  • Admission with Classic vehicle subject to availability due to the capacity of the parking lot inside the circuit which is limited to 400 vehicles per day (may sell out quickly). The vehicles must  have been manufactured prior to 1989.


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Tickets with classic vehicle for one day from 20!

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The times of the event are:

  • Saturday  6th April: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Sunday  7th April: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

(Tentative schedule, pending confirmation of final program).

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Remember this event when buying a present. With the entrance to Espíritu de Montjuïc you are giving a special gift: a day of fun, passion, memories, history … and excitement.  A different gift, a different event …

A live museum of motorsport and motoring, a theme park of the historic motorsport that takes place once a year during a weekend at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.