Types of tickets:

  • Entry with Classic Saturday 20 th May (1 Car vehicle + 1 Person).
  • Entry with Classic Sunday 21 st May (1 Car vehicle + 1 Person).

This type of ticket allows you to come and enjoy the show and park your classic in the special reserved area within the circuit enclosure.

If you would like to stay until the races are finished at the end of the afternoon (Saturday and Sunday), we invite you to participate in the classics parade and go around the circuit track in the caravan of 6 Horas de Barcelona, Espiritu de Montjuïc. This parade is tentatively scheduled for 8:00 pm, time to be confirmed.

As the parking capacity inside the circuit is limited, tickets for classics will be limited to 200 vehicles per day.

If you would like to be accompanied by friends or family in your classic vehicle, there is no problem. They can have access to the entrance with you as passengers in the classic as long as they have acquired one of the general tickets available at the sale points or through our web.

One person, one ticket! … Except children 8 years old and under who enter free.

The only requirement to have access to these entrances to the Circuit and participate in the special activities for classics is that the vehicle be manufactured prior to 1993. If not, those responsible for the security of the venue will not allow the entry of the vehicle and you will have to park it outside of the Circuit.

The ticket prices at the ticketing office on the days of the event are:

  • Entry with Classic Saturday 2nd April (1 vehicle + 1 Person): € 30
  • Entry with Classic Sunday 3rd April (1 vehicle + 1 Person): € 30

The parade of classics in the circuit is not part of this ticket, it is not included in it, nor does the price paid for the ticket entitle it.

The parade is a courtesy of the organizer to the fans who have bought this ticket for a classic vehicle and both the time and the celebration of the same will always depend on the official activity of the event program on the track, so it could be delayed, change of hour (which would be notified by the public address system of the enclosure) and even, in the last instance and under exceptional conditions, it could be cancelled.

No changes or refunds permitted once the ticket is purchased.

Privacy Policy

Management Fees:
Web: 2€ / Ticket – Ticket offices: 2€ / Ticket.

Contact us at: 93 222 06 60 (Monday-Friday from 8:00h to 15:00h).